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Organizational Growth comes from innovative ideas and products, applications, and markets. A fundamental question that every organization, on growth mode, would or should ask: do we have a product that can create a unrecognized demand and satisfy our customers to enhance quality of their lives and experience? Do we have it in us to come up with ideas to reach out to markets? What’s our bench strength that can provide us insights into customer preferences and novel applications?

Often, we find organizations are tax-optimization centric. Tax is one of the many cost items - like any other overhead. Creating a future for an organization with tax optimization as central theme tends to stifle growth and, over period, stunts its growth. These organizations tend to build capabilities around tax incidence rather than market potential and innovation.

Questions that organizations should ask themselves: If we experienced growth, do we have the capability to manage the growth?

Growth per se can be chaotic if not managed well. Do we have the underlying systems and processes, people, controls and compliance in place to absorb the growth? Most organizations, in growth mode, tend to ignore these key elements as they do not have spare resources to look at these vital aspects of business management. Ignoring this foundational aspect of growth management can be perilous despite the best of products and innovations. Available quality resources would only keep running to stay in the same place.

Most organizations, when consulting with external agencies, release only those resources who are sub-optimal to keep them engaged - but at what cost? If best of the resources cannot be spared to provide insights into the organizational requirements, then it’s only obvious that organizations need external help - both in terms of resources and capability building.

We identified this gap - a yawning one at that. CRS Consulting was set up essentially to address this gap and facilitate business entities to stay focused at what they are good at and leave the rest to us. We provide outside perspective and bring the best-practices around the globe, cutting across multiple industry verticals.

Execution is key to success. Most consulting firms advise but fall short on execution. We advise & execute, and monitor, post-implementation, of our recommendations just to ensure that our Clients are well-served and have received Value-For-Money. Our Value Proposition is centered around VFM. We are not Big but we are Different, to our Clients’ satisfaction.