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    Over the years

    the business strategy, processes, supply chain challenges, project management skills, and business valuation have undergone a sea change, triggered by a paradigm shift in economic policies initiated in 1991 and carried forward to this day. With the changed landscape, client requirements have also undergone a tremendous change – from basic compliance to seeking Business Partner/ Enabler who can a Change Agent. With the opening of Indian economy to the world, these underlying business dynamics have changed considerably, forcing business organizations to align themselves to global realities. With it, the role of a Professional Service Firm, especially one that focuses on Business Management Consulting Services.

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    We are conscious

    of this changing landscape and has positioned ourselves to address the present needs of our clients, and to secure their future business growth, be it a mature entity or a Start-up. Our specialized Management Consulting arm, CRS Consulting, is a natural corollary to meet our client expectations.

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    With growth comes

    the teething problems and growth pangs. Business Strategy and direction, Financial Management, Business Processes, Project Management, Market Studies, Compliance, and Supply Chain solutions assume a much larger significance for our clients. With high-volume-thin-margin syndrome of market place, cost efficiencies and cost containment have become so much more critical to balance the bottom line. Growth has to be managed and it can only be managed if the underlying systems and processes are effective and sufficient redundancies are in-built to absorb the growth.

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    With global growth,

    International laws and physical transactions across national boundaries assume a greater significance. The downsides of non-compliance or improper drafting can lead to potential exposures and significant monetary loss.

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    Trust has become a key

    word in both national and international transactions. Failure is no longer an option, with severe and undesirable consequences. Therefore, we have put together an experienced team to ensure that our clients are fully compliant with both national and international laws to minimize risks and the cost of doing business.

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    M & A have become

    the order of the day. Stand-alone monoliths are slowly crumbling under cost pressure, lack of innovation, carry-on-business philosophy, lack of clear succession planning, and being risk averse. These traditional firms also suffer from its adverse demographic profile with limited opportunities for youngsters, due lack of expansion, with higher risk appetite and newer and brighter ideas to execute.

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    Traditional valuation principles

    such as book values and golden-share premium are no longer valid. Instead, competitive substitutes, product life cycle, GMV, visibility in market place, future growth prospects, good corporate governance, superior-technology, quality human resources, sourcing, cost optimization etc. have become the essential ingredients to valuation. Valuation is also a function of outcome of due diligence. With these changed business realities, we have strengthened our team experienced in this field to enable clients to derive optimum mileage.

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What do Clients want from Consultants?

  • Better understanding of consumers and clients

    Providing insights into their business

  • Innovative, cost effective solutions

    How can you help us do things differently?

  • Value Proposition

  • Trust

Management Consulting is on the cusp of renaissance of Indian economic growth. The perceived need of management consulting was never more critical than now.

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